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Nepal... it's land, culture and people

Stock Images by photographer GY

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The peoples and culture of Nepal captured with authentic warmth, through the lens and heart of Gloria Y. This collection of stock images are attractive in colour & fresh in spirit, but that also describes the woman behind the camera.


Gloria's affair with Nepal began with a quest to bring education to marginalized children and that quest involved a journey. It followed potholed trails to remote villages, yawning rivers, Himalayan foothills and those caught in the struggle to survive. 


Whether she is hanging from a swing bridge or swamped by Badi children in a dry river bed, Gloria's ability to connect with her subject is tangible in every photograph.,


We are proud to present this portfolio, revealing hidden stories in a land locked between the Himalayas and time;

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We would love to hear from you because GYIMAGES is not simply about stock images for your project, but a project within itself presenting the faces of Nepal through the eyes of Gloria Y. Our hope is that GYIMAGES will leave an imprint of Nepal that's honest and filled with hope.

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